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Four Saudis stunned the world by winning top British alumni education awards

The current government of Saudi Arabia and its education reforms

The wrong belief must be changed that the Arab world lags behind the rest of the world in the field of education, because gone are the days when the Gulf region used to be like that and despite the fact that the region is in turmoil currently, it has not stopped its progress in the field of education. One of its examples is the aim of the current government of Saudi Arabia to come up with some effective reforms that will turn the country and region into the international hub of higher education. It is yet to determine that how much these reforms will help in getting Saudi Arabia considered as the international hub of higher education, but one must appreciate the country in order to take steps to provide equal opportunities and education to its people and most specifically to its women.

Saudi youth stunned the world by their talent

This current Saudi youth’s success is being attributed to the hidden talent of youth in Saudi Arabia, who desperately needs facilities and support from the state to inspire the world as these four Saudis did by winning the top British Alumni Education awards at the Education United Kingdom Awards for 2016. All these four Saudis got graduated from British Universities and by hard work and constant determination; they made it possible to let the rest of the world appreciate the talented Saudi youth.

An insight of the event

These four Saudis, happened to win awards at a gala awards ceremony, which was hosted by Simon Collis, The British ambassador to the Kingdom and the awards were organized by the British Counsil with the help of the British embassy. Hani Choudhry, the head of the cancer biology unit at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, succeeded to win the professional achievement Award and Fawaz A Saad, founder of and co-founder of the Excellence Entrepreneurship Center, won the Entrepreneurial Achievement Award. Abdullah Al- Fraidan, the dean of e-learning and distance education at King Faisal University in the Eastern Province, won the social impact Award and Tamara Talal Tayeb from the Ministry of Health won the Ambassador Award.


These four people must be appreciated to the government level and the state should indulge them into the mission of making the better education system for the country and for the Gulf region. As they have won the prestigious awards, so that reveals that they may help the current government of Saudi Arabia in order to come up with the reforms that can instantly cater the needs of pupils in the country and provide them a platform to inspire the world as same as these four talented youth of Saudi Arabia did. The more current government engages its youth, the more this strategy will help the government in order to find out the real issues in its education system and that will lead the country towards the right direction as far as improving education in the country is concerned.